Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cat Clothing

Not all cats are fond of wearing extra clothing, collars or harnesses. Some downright refuse to move if you put a leash on them, and do all types of acrobatic tricks to remove the offending article! However, there are some felines who seem to enjoy being dressed up and shown off. (I can't personally attest to that as all of our cats were of the opinion that extra accessories were unnecessary!)

I have seen many pictures of cats with Halloween costumes, but there are a ton of other, more practical outfits that are worn by cats all over the country. Some owners like to give their pets some "bling" by buying them fancy, sequined or be-jeweled collars, while others prefer to give their kitties warm, stylish outerwear to keep them warm and dry.

My personal experience, when it came to dressing up cats, was less than satisfactory. The cat was definitely not impressed, and I ended up with a few more scratches than I was expecting! Suffice it to say, that was the last time I ever played 'dress up' with my cat!

If you are one of the lucky cat owners whose furry charge is inclined to sporting the latest fashions, I welcome your pictures and stories for other readers to enjoy! So if you have some pictures of your cat dressed for an occasion, please feel free to contact me.