Monday, February 22, 2010

Rescue Kitties - Meet Oly


This bright-eyed, mischievous looking fellow is Oly.

The 'first' of our rescue kitties, showed up on a friend's doorstep. After being coerced by kitty treats to make a return visit, he tentatively took up residence on the back porch.

My boyfriend is partial to black and white cats, or 'Orcas' as we like to call them, so there was no question where this little fellow was going to live! After a quick trip to the Vet's office for a health assessment, shots and the inevitable neutering, Oly was given the go ahead to move in. After approximately a week of hiding in the basement, he finally began adjusting to life with not just one friend, but three. Two of whom are of the canine variety.

I must admit, it takes quite a bit to temper the curiosity of a black and white, but that first week was the quietest it has been since Oly moved in! After that, he took to terrorizing his feline friend, Doug, and stealing kitty treats from cupboards.

Oly is a very faithful kitty - he rarely goes far from home, content to explore the backyard and adjacent field, and is always within earshot of a shaken bag of treats. He enjoys chasing the ball when we play ball hockey with the dogs, and like most cats, finds all manner of small things to lose under the fridge.

I'm thrilled that we had the chance to give this wonderful fuzzy guy a great home, and he has repaid us with lost keys, glasses, spoons, chewed up toilet paper and lots of love and affection!