Thursday, June 10, 2010

All Things 'Cat'

These next articles are a compilation of helpful tips for all you cat lovers! I think I have hit the Cat Nip Mother lode! Please read on for some really great information...

My Mother Rescued Angie the Cat
My Mother rescued Angie the cat and she was unnamed and obviously unwanted at first. Here is how this true story began in Houston, Texas.

How To Help Indoor Cats Lose Weight
Fat cats may be cute. We all love Garfied the fat cat.
However, if a cat is too overweight, it may result in health problems such as diabetes. Oftentimes a cat may be so fat that it won't participate in the usual fun activities for cats.

Cat Eye Problems - Signs to be Aware of 
Cat Eye Problems should be extremely important to the cat owner. Cat's eyes have special characteristics that set them apart from other animals. Most dogs use a combination of sight, hearing and smell to become familiar with their surroundings, whereas cats depend mostly on their eyesight for hunting and stalking their prey.

How to Get Ready for a New Cat/Kitten 
I just got my kitty Koloa from the animal shelter! There she is, looking cute, just like her owner. :)
Which reminds me...
There are a few things to make sure you have before you pick up your new cat or kitten:

What to do if Your Cat is Dehydrated
If your cat is outdoors he may not be drinking enough! Signs to watch for dehydration.
Cat's may have nine lives but when a cat becomes dehydrated the outlook doesn't look too good. Prompt treatment is vital to keep the cat hydrated as much as possible and prevent him/her from deteriorating.

Common Causes of Blindness in Cats
A cat's eyes are mysterious, intriguing and simply astonishing. Built to be able to see much better than humans in the night, a cat's eyes are large compared to the size of the head, typically like other nocturnal creatures.

Do Cats Have Good Memory 
While Snowball may not remember what dress your were wearing yesterday or the last American Idol winner, cats surely can prove to have a good recollection of events when it comes to memory. There are many testimonies to this if owners of cats watch their feline friends closely.